49th Next Day Delivery or Pickup Service

Our delivery or pickup service is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Orders received before 11AM will be processed on the same day whenever possible.

Please only submit/send the Order Request... ONCE.
If you need to add items you may do so when we call you for payment.

After you submit your order you will see a message at the top of this form, in Green, indicating... 'We got your order...'

No need to press 'Send Order Request' again! We got it!

*Do Not Provide Credit Card Information, we will call you! We would prefer Credit Cards over Cash whenever possible.

Thank you.

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  Approximate Delivery Service Routes
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South - Saltair Food Market / Peerless Road
North - Timberlands / Chuckwagon Market / Page Point Inn
South to Chuckwagon Market / Page Point Inn
North to Hwy 1 on Cedar Road including Cedar by the sea
South to Crofton turnoff
North to Saltair Food Market
Crofton area to Chilco/Tatlo Road to be served Wed. and Fri. Only
 Within 3 km of the store and west of Hwy 1
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